Wednesday, April 24, 2013's about dang time

well... I haven't been on here in months. yeah, i was busy with school and work. but truthfully, i didn't want to be honest about how i was living. there have been little to no efforts to be healthier or lose weight, which is the platform i set for myself here.

well, it's time. no more bullshit. no more excuses.
have you ever reached that point where you just can't take it anymore? yeah, well i reached it.

in the past couple months, there have been numerous times where i'd binge and hate myself afterwards. i can't even count how many times B heard about how i hated myself and my body, how i am a failure and that i don't feel pretty at all. (B is such a saint, and so encouraging. i'm so lucky)

well, recently i've gotten back into it.
into healthy living
into exercising

and, to be completely honest, i feel amazing. there truly is no substitute to treating your body right. i am sleeping better, feeling more awake and alert during the day, my mood has been elevated. it's fantastic.

i decided to set some goals for myself, so i have something to stick to:

  • exercise 4-5 times weekly
  • make healthy choices 95% of the time
  • lose 60 lbs
  • i am planning to "reward" myself as i stick to and reach these goals. in addition, i am going to weigh myself once weekly to keep on track. 

i'm excited for these new changes and i'm super excited to push myself and see what i can do. 

the only person you're competing with is yourself. 
aim to be better than you were. 

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