Friday, October 19, 2012

i see progress!

it's been a crazy week!

so here's the recap:
1.) my birthday was tuesday
2.) B's birthday is today
 because of 1 and 2, we have stayed busy and well fed. but, i ain't complainin'!
3.) the 24 day challenge ended thursday. look below for my exciting results! ahhhh!
4.) I GOT INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM! this was the absolute best part of my week!

UT's Nursing Program is competitive and hard. i think the hardest part of getting in is just getting to the application process. when i was a freshman, i was so discouraged by a C in biodiversity, that i decided i would never be able to get in, and switched my major. 

fast forward a year, and i decided that i still wanted to be a nurse. i consider myself passionate, stubborn, and smart, qualities that would make me a pretty good nurse (well, at least i think). 

however, my gpa was not good enough to get in the program (think about a 2.8). that wasn't gonna get me anywhere! so, i had a long hard talk with my advisor, who told me it was possible, with a lot of hard work, studying, and determination. the next two semesters, i got a 4.0! i brought my gpa from a 2.8 to a 3.5 in about 3 semesters all together! 

so when i got the email saying i was accepted, i started jumping up and down and crying! we're talking open the floodgates crying! i wasn't sad, i was the furthest thing from that. I was so proud of myself. i decided what i wanted and went after it, full force. i brought my gpa up in 3 semesters and went from a B/C average to a A/A- average! 

so, in two years i am going to be a sassy, but fiercely passionate nurse, working towards my ultimate goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. look out world. here i come!

now, onto weight loss.

do you ever have those days that you see no progress, or see progress in the wrong way. yeah, that was me this weekend, up until thursday. when you see the pictures you're going to want to slap me, but honestly, i felt like nothing was happening. in fact, the scale showed nothing

i was angry, especially since B has lost 43 lbs in the same time i've lost 18. can we say jealous? i know i should not compare the two of us, but i do/did. he is 6'7", muscular, and ate like shit before we started with advocare. he went from eating a family size bag of doritos, a like 4 servings of something with lots of cheese and carbs, every day. that boy could clean out my fridge, no problem.

look at him now!
june          -         july            -           september         -          october
the first two photos are from our first advocare challenge (before and after)
the second two from this one (also, before and after)
he started at 254, and is now about 210
 i am so proud of him. he's really changed his life and gotten so much healthier. i never thought he was fat, he always looked perfect to me (and i mean that whole-heartedly). losing 43 pounds is no easy feat, but he did it! from june to now! 

all i can say is dang babe! 

so now onto me, 

so this is what i started at...

beginning measurements:
weight: 205.6
right arm: 12.25
shoulders: 41.25
chest: 41.75
waist: 37.5
hips: 42.5
right thigh: 26.25
right calf: 16
total: 217.5 inches

and here is me on day 24!

and a side by side!

and my measurements were:
weight: 197.4         -8.6 lbs
right arm: 117.5     -0.5 inches
shoulders: 39         -2.25 inches
chest: 39               -2.75 inches
waist: 34.5            -3 inches
hips: 38                 -4.5 inches
right thigh: 21.       -5 inches
right calf: 13.5      -2.5 inches
total: 197             -20.5 inches 

ahhh! i was sooo proud and happy. the scale didn't show the results, but dang, those inches did. 
here's the side by side of june and october!

ignore my ridiculous faces and hair!

and my belly's getting flat! whaddddup!

so, if you think you aren't seeing any results, stick with it!
you're body is changing, but you aren't realizing it yet.

have  a great day/weekend!


  1. Hi!
    I have been hearing a lot about the 24day challenge, and am really wanting to try it. I was curious on how much you worked out during it?

  2. Hey girl!

    I would seriously recommend it to anyone. It has helped me lose weight when I lost all hope of weight loss. I am about to start another round next week actually.

    I've done it twice. The first time I barely worked out at all. Maybe 3-4 times the ENTIRE challenge! And I still lost over 13 lbs and inches! The 2nd time I worked out 5 days a week on average and lost a lot more inches. Working out gave me better results but you can do whatever fits your schedule!

    If you have anymore questions or want to investigate the challenge more check out the site or let me know!