Sunday, September 23, 2012

epiphanies and changes!

Gosh, this weekend was full of epiphanies. 

It started with a friend posting this picture of me:
It is from last year, right around this time too. I was headed to B's house to study when we had just started dating. Seeing this picture makes me legitimately upset. I feel like I look like a freaking beached whale. I know that sounds ridiculous, well that's what I've been told, but I never want to look like that again. 

I had planned on starting my second 24 day challenge today, September 24, anyways, but this was just even more motivation. B did the first one with me too, and lost more weight and keeps losing! I know that guys always lose faster than girls, but, damn. I am was salty about it. He weighs a whopping 11 pounds more than me right now. The man is 6'7", I am 5'9". There is no excuse for that. Again, time to make some changes.

We prepped our supplements out last night for the challenge. After a hour of watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix (my current obsession, and slowly becoming B's too) it finally came together to this:

Every box is one 24 Day Challenge. We found it was easier, since we are pretty busy folks, to bag our vitamins and all that jazz by day. 

I am really looking forward to this challenge. I want to work my big, soon to be little, ass off and get results that I want! I am really ready to take this on full force!

Alsooo.....the best part of the weekend was this:
Extreme Results by Vince

seriously...I am in love. It is like a hybrid between crossfit, mma, turbo, and hell all in one class. Seriously I went to failure on every single exercise, took a breather, and got back at it. It felt amazing! I fell in love with how hard I was worked and how sore I am now. I am definitely buying a monthly membership (early birthday gift to moi!) 

Which leads me to my next point:

Goals for the 24 Day Challenge:

-go to Extreme Results at least 5 times a week 
-run at least 4 times a week
-stick it out. it is only 24 days, and the harder you work, the better your results
-NO cheating!

I'll be posting before an after pictures and starting stats later! :)

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