Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend update!

and on to my second link-up. i'm liking the progress, folks! :)

this weekend was pretty simple. it involved a lot of working, homework, and cleaning. it also included an unnecessary amount of Glee Pandora (and me trying to sing along), Vampire Diaries on Netflix and snugging with B.  
aren't we super attractive?
he just brings out the best in me ;)
B stayed with me from tuesday-sunday. it was the best! he goes to school up in michigan and i usually only get to see him on the weekends, so it was a nice change :)

saturday rained all morning. B, a friend and i all went to Extreme Results and got our booties kicked. it was a great workout and i am going back tonight! (i'll be writing more about that soon)

there was also a football game saturday night and i was so worried it was going to pour the entire time! well, i took a shower after coming home from working out, and when i got out, i saw this! i'm not sure if you can see it, but there was a full rainbow outside my window. it was so pretty. 

also, our boys won against Coastal Carolina! the rainbow was a good sign :)

on sunday, B and i met up with my mom and stepdad at a local pancake shop. we had to be super healthy because of starting our 24 day challenge, but it was still delicious! 
the rest of the day was spent working the desk, studying, and developing lady-crushes on all the new bloggers i am following!

heres' a few other things that made me smile this weekend! hope they make you smile just as much :)

this is gunner
he is also known as sugar farts, gunner-butt, and goober
gunner is B's family dog, who i miss very much since they moved to az
B's mom sent me this over the weekend saying that she and gunner say hi :)

have you been on the iFunny app? you should!
they definitely aren't all gems, but these two definitely made me laugh!

hope y'all have a great week!

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